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Graduate Students – Event Series

Agriculture and Northwest Ecosystems


Tyler Breum, WSU Crop and Soil Science
Organic weed management in vegetable cropping systems

Karen Hills, WSU Crop and Soil Science
Strategies for assessing and improving soil quality

Emily Gatch, WSU Plant Pathology
Spinach seed production in Skagit Valley: a historical perspective and current research goals

Steve Hinton, WSU/Skagit River Systems Cooperative
Restoring Swinomish Channel habitat: Predicting and applying habitat linkages

Janet Matanguitan, WSU Crop and Soil Science Dept.
Emerging and re-emerging plant diseases

Lucas Patzek, WSU Crop and Soil Science
Improving the nitrogen efficiency of small grains in diverse systems of western Washington State

Jessica Gigot, WSU Horticulture
Dynamics of soil borne pathogens and alternatives to fumigation in raspberry

Symposium photo

Symposium photo

Symposium photo

symposium photo