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Graduate Careers

Ana-Vida (Avi) Crisostomo Alcala

Employer: Valent USA
Degree/Program: PhD, Vegetable Seed Pathology (2013)
Thesis/Dissertation: Management of Damping-off in Organic Vegetable Production in the Pacific Northwest.

Brook Brouwer

Employer: Assistant Professor, WSU Extension
Degree/Program: PhD, Plant Breeding
Thesis/Dissertation: Plant Breeding for Regional Food Systems: Investigating Craft Malt, Disease Resistance and Production Potentials of Barley and Dry Beans in Western Washington

Jeremy Cowan

Employer: Assistant Professor, WSU Extension
Degree/Program: PhD, Vegetable Horticulture
Thesis/Dissertation: Impacts of High Tunnels and Bio-Degradable Mulch Systems on Tomato Yield and Quality.

Yushan (Sherry) Duan

Employer: PhD Candidate, expected graduation 2016
Degree/Program: MS, PhD, Weed Science
Thesis/Dissertation: Benefits of Cane Burning to Red Raspberry in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeffrey Endelman

Employer: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Degree/Program: PhD, Plant Breeding (2011)
Thesis/Dissertation: Advances in Barley Genomics: Association analysis, Breeding values, and Consensus mapping.

Jessica Gigot

Employer: Farmer, Educator, Northwest Indian College
Degree/Program: MS, PhD, Vegetable Pathology, Small Fruit Horticulture (2011)
Thesis/Dissertation: Root Health Management in Raspberries.

Charlene Grahn

Employer: Horticulture PhD Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Degree/Program: MS, Vegetable Horticulture (2015)
Thesis/Dissertation: Direct market production of baby-leaf salad greens during spring and fall seasons in Western Washington.

Marianne Powell

Employer: Seed Health Testing Services, CSP Labs, Inc.
Degree/Program: MS, Vegetable Pathology (2012)
Thesis/Dissertation: Biodegradable Mulches for Specialty Crops Produced Under Protective Covers.

Caitlin Price Youngquist

Employer: Area Extension Educator, University of Wyoming
Degree/Program: MS, PhD, Soils (2014)
Thesis/Dissertation: Agricultural use and community acceptance of biosolids compost produced at a rural waste water treatment plant.