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Agricultural Field Research Policies and Guidelines

Welcome to WSU Mount Vernon NWREC, we take pride in the experimental field research activities that have taken place here and contributed to the success of Washington’s agricultural enterprises during the last half century. Approximately 145 acres at NWREC are dedicated to applied field research trials on a wide variety of vegetable, fruit, seed and cereal crops, as well as soil health and sustainability. Our center provides a dynamic research setting with its rich alluvial soils, mild marine climate, and regional stakeholders who are interested in, supportive of, and even directly involved with field research.

As scientists and as part of Washington State University, we remain committed to high quality research efforts, transparency and integrity in research methodologies, and prompt delivery of research-based information. When you work at WSU NWREC, we ask that you share in that commitment as well. Here we outline the policies and procedures for using farmland at WSU NWREC. We hope that your research experience is productive and favorable.

Dr. Carol Miles

Guidelines for Applying for and Using Farmland at NWREC

  1. Farmland application form is available on the Farm and Facilities Reservations page. Submit your application to WSU Mount Vernon NWREC through by emailing to Dan Gorton.
  2. Non-WSU entities must sign a land lease agreement approved by the WSU Real Estate Office, prior to the use of WSU properties. View a sample template on the Farm and Facilities Reservations page.
  3. Field charges will be based on a flat fee of $585 per acre (one acre minimum) with additional NWREC Field Service Center fees as applicable. See fee schedule on the Farm and Facilities Reservations page.
  4. All users need to provide plot maps and treatment/entry lists for each experiment prior to approval.
  5. NWREC must be informed of any biohazards, toxic substances, and unregistered pesticides that might be used on site. We hold a moratorium on the testing of GMOs.
  6. All users are responsible for maintaining their field plots. Users who are based at the Center may utilize the NWREC Farm Service Center on a fee-for-service basis for land preparation and pesticide applications, provided one (1) week of advance notice and detailed instructions are given. NWREC is not responsible for planting, harvesting, irrigating, or data collection. Plots that are not properly maintained may be removed or cleaned-up by NWREC with charges to users, accordingly. See fee schedule on the Farm and Facilities Reservations page.
  7. Researchers who have received approval to conduct experiments at NWREC may not plant plots for other people/programs without the knowledge and additional approval of the Farm Management Committee. “Piggy-backing” onto existing approval is forbidden and may result in the denial of future land requests.
  8. Research that may result in proprietary information, techniques or germplasm needs to be declared. Due to the complications of distributing royalty funds, such research will be reviewed by the NWREC Director and may be denied.
  9. The information resulting from field research carried out at NWREC may be discussed with stakeholders at the annual NWREC Field Day. Contact the NWREC Director if you are interested in this opportunity.
  10. We ask that you acknowledge WSU Mount Vernon NWREC in written form whenever your field research activities here are proposed or published.