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Weed Science

Weed control is a major and costly consideration for crop production. More than 200 crops are produced in Skagit County, and each requires its own management plan when considering weed control. Please see the following links for information on weed identification, physiology, biology, and ecology, and using a variety of approaches like chemical, cultural, mechanical, and biological control methods.


Weed Science Research at NWREC

  • Weed Management in Flower Bulb Production
  • Weed Management in Seed Production

Other Weed Science Research at WSU

B&W illustrations of weeds
Charles Coslor

Charles Coslor

Weed Science Researcher

16650 STATE ROUTE 536

Charlie Coslor was hired in October 2023 to initiate weed control studies at NWREC and address immediate grower needs. Charlie is a Pest Biologist and has been involved at NWREC for many years. He earned his Master of Science at WSU NWREC in 2013, and his PhD from Michigan State University in 2017. Charlie then moved back to Skagit County and began working for WSU—first in the NWREC Entomology Lab as a postdoc, then at WSU Skagit County Extension as the Entomology Coordinator for the Skagit County Horticultural Pest Control Board. In his work with us as a weed scientist, Charlie will use his skill set to help bulb and seed growers manage weeds with integrated control strategies.