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Weed Science

The Weed Science program at WSU Mount Vernon endeavors to

  1. develop, coordinate, and deliver extension and formal education programs to improve the understanding of weed science principles in Washington;
  2. provide leadership in the evaluation of herbicides and other weed control techniques for efficacy and crop safety in minor crops (seed crops, ornamental bulbs, small fruit, and vegetable crops), and determine their potential impact on rotational crops grown in western Washington; and
  3. provide answers for management of non-crop, riparian, and noxious weeds in Washington.

Main focus areas

  1. Weed science sections of western Washington pesticide prelicense
    and recertification trainings.
  2. Weed Control in agronomic/horticultural crops.
  3. Weed control in non-cropland, pasture/hay, urban horticulture, nursery, range, forestry, and rights-of-way (often involving the management of noxious weeds).
  4. Weed identification.
  5. Weed physiology, biology, and ecology.
  6. Herbicide/adjuvant technology.