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Currently there is no Entomologist at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC.

For Entomology assistance please contact:

  • WSU Skagit County Extension office
  • WSU Plant and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory

Small Fruit Pest Management Program

The small fruit insect and mite program at WSU Mount Vernon has focused on new and cost effective cultural and pest management strategies developed from integrated and holistically targeted research. Release and registration of new mode of action insecticides and miticides integrated with their ecological selectivity to natural enemies and precision placement can lead to increased efficiency and more cost effective productivity. The programs’ integrated management of arthropod pests of the state’s $100 million small fruit industry has focused on researching alternative pesticide chemistries, biorationals and applied biological control. Food safety concerns, water and environmental health along with increased costs of agrichemical protection, production and arthropod pest control tools have been central to the programs’ focus to enhance small fruit production in western Washington. Outreach research activities have included such as:

  • Root weevil management in strawberry, red raspberry blueberry.
  • IPM to control potato flea beetle with entomopathogenic nematodes, fungi and selective insecticides in thin-skinned potato.
  • Biology and control of blueberry gall midge using the organically acceptable compound Bt and insecticides exhibiting low toxicity and a narrow target range.
  • Conservation of naturally occurring beneficial predatory mites and insects to control spider mites on red raspberry through careful timing and use of selective acaricides.
  • Selective new chemistries to control aphids infesting small fruits.
  • Native predatory mites to control spider mites in Philippines’ strawberry.