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Recycling Ag Plastic

Cutting mulched bed at end of season

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Recycling is a common issue faced by agricultural plastic users. The cost of removing and disposing of agricultural plastics can be high. Following are some programs and companies that offer agricultural plastic recycling in the Northwest.

Agri-Plas. Offers recycling for agricultural plastics such as nursery pots and trays, ground cover, seed sacks, plastic binder twine, triple-rinsed pesticide containers, greenhouse film and more. Located in Brooks, Oregon.

Northwest Ag Plastics, Inc. Offers recycling for mulch film, drip irrigation tape, row covers, tunnel film, greenhouse film, and more. Also offered are recycling services for rigid plastics such as buckets, barrels/drums, and irrigation pipe.

RE Sources. Offers education to the public on a variety of local environmental issues connected with plastic use and recycling

Close up of cut plastic
Mulch removed from field