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Western Raspberry Fruitworm Control In Red Raspberry, 2005

L. K. Tanigoshi and J. R. Bergen
Washington State University
Vancouver Research and Extension Unit
Vancouver, WA 98665-9752

Five insecticides were compared with our diazinon standard for efficacy and labeling/registration to control the western raspberry fruitworm, Byturus unicolor, on 19 May 2005. Five adult fruitworm per 6” Petri dish were place on 3–4 inch long, air-dried primocane tips that were uniformly treated with field rates applied with a Precision Spray Tower and replicated five times. A second test was conducted with 2 rates of Imidan on 24 May. Mortality was evaluated at 1 and 2 days posttreatment (Tables 1). These fruitworms were collected from Whatcom County, WA in early May, 2005. One day after treatment, 100% mortality was observed for the experimentals Imidan and Actara, along with Diazinon, Malathion and Capture. The biorational Success provided complete control of adult beetles by 2 DAT. Our second test with Imidan, under similar lab conditions, was equally efficacious with the earlier test as well. These data corroborate similar bioassays reported last year. Success was registered on red raspberry in 2003 for leafroller/worm control during the pre-harvest interval. These data show excellent adult activity by Imidan when compared with registered red raspberry insecticides being used to control western raspberry fruitworm adult in red raspberry.

Table 1.
Treatment lb(AI)/acre Percent mortality
Test #1 Test #2
Means within columns followed by the same letter are not significantly different (Tukey HSD test, P <0.05).
Imidan 70WP 0.94 100a 97a 97a
Imidan 70WP 1.41 100a 100a
Diazinon 50W 1 lb 100a
Malathion 8F 2 lb 100a
Actara 25G 0.06 100a
Capture 2EC 0.1 100a
Success 2 SC 0.09 98b 100a
Untreated check 0 0b 0b 0b