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Graduate Students


Certificates for Graduate Students

Classes for Graduate Students interested in Sustainable Agriculture

Graduate Students FAQs

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Graduate Students

Graduate students with an interest in sustainable and organic agriculture can purse a degree or take classes with a strong focus in sustainable and organic agriculture in many departments across WSU. Currently there is not a specific department or program for graduate students to pursue a degree in sustainable and organic agriculture. A good first step when applying to graduate school is to contact faculty within your department of interest that may have research projects similar to your interests. Be aware that individual departments may also have application requirements in addition to those mandated by the university.

Departments include but are not limited to:
Animal Science
Biological Systems Engineering
Community and Rural Sociology
Crop and Soil Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Masters in Ag
Plant Pathology
For a listing of all other degree options at WSU’s Graduate School see

Both thesis and non-thesis MS and PhD programs are offered by most of these departments.

Other graduate students research projects in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture


Certificates for Graduate Students

WSU Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture: Green Up Your Horizon

The new Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture allows students in any discipline to study sustainable and organic agriculture in more depth. It provides post-baccalaureate students with an interdisciplinary understanding of practices and current issues in sustainable agriculture, along with the science that makes it work. Students who earn the Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture may take these skills into all industries and agencies involved in the food chain; from production, processing, and delivery to policy, regulation, and education.

Academic Certificate in Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching

Both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students may sign up for classes and are eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion in Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching.  This is a 15-18 unit certificate to give students a concentrated focus in Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching.

Certificate in Organic Agriculture

The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Sciences (CAHNRS) is offering an undergraduate* Certificate in Organic Agriculture. The certificate can be obtained on the Pullman campus or entirely online through WSU Distance Degree Programs. Working professionals, other non-degree-seeking students, as well as current students in other majors at WSU will be able to learn the fundamentals in a highly focused program through online and classroom venues.

*Please note that this certificate was designed for undergraduate students. Although graduate students may obtain the certificate, required courses may not all be available at the graduate level.


Classes for Graduate Students interested in Sustainable Agriculture

  • AFS 501 Current Research in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
  • AFS/CRS 545 Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems
  • Soils 502 Practicum in Organic Farming
  • English 597/Hort 503: Rhetorics of Sustainability
  • AFS/CRS 416* (now listed as Soils 404) Small Farming and Ranching
  • AFS/CRS 417* (now listed as Soils 403) Agricultural Entrepreneurship

* Graduate school requirements allow students to take a maximum of 6 hours of upper level undergraduate coursework (300–400 levels) for a Master’s thesis program and a maximum of 9 hours for non-thesis Master’s and PhD programs.


Graduate Students FAQs

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