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Vegetable Seed Pathology Program Focus

Washington’s small-seeded vegetable seed industry
  • State, national and global industry
  • Up to 70% of the U.S. supply of cabbage, carrot, radish, spinach, & table beet seed
  • Up to 50% of the world supply of cabbage, carrot, radish, spinach, and table beet seed
  • >40 small-seeded vegetable seed crops state-wide
  • 2 main productions areas – northwest Washington (cabbage, spinach, beet, …) and northern Columbia Basin (carrot, onion, radish,…)
Small-seeded vegetable seed pathology
  • Diseases affecting seed production, including seedborne pathogens
  • Zero-tolerance for many seedborne pathogens because of interstate and international exports
  • Diseases affect seed yield, quality, & germination and the health of crops grown from seed
  • If seed germination is <80 to 90%, seed lots may be rejected
Vegetable seed pathology research & extension focus
  • Pathogen detection, biology, & epidemiology
  • Develop & implement IPM programs
    • Fungicide efficacy trials
    • Yield loss studies
    • Cultural practices
    • Disease resistance
  • Develop extension materials (bulletins, website, newsletters, PNW Vegetable Extension Group)
  • National & international vegetable seed pathology collaborations