Pacific Northwest Vegetable Extension Group

of Washington State University, Oregon State University, and University of Idaho


Team Extension Bulletins

Baby-leaf salad green production guide for western Washington. WSU Extension publication EM095E. 23 pages. Published November 2015.

Bacterial Ring Rot on Potatoes (PDF)

Bacterial Soft Rot and Lenticel Spot on Potato Tubers (PDF)

Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator? (PDF)

Common Bacterial Blight and Halo Blight: Two Bacterial Diseases of Phytosanitary Significance for Bean Crops in Washington State (PDF)

Corn Earworm Pest of Sweet Corn (PDF) FS221E

Dimensions and costs of plastic and biodegradable mulch (PDF). Provides a summary of the size of plastic and biodegradable mulch rolls, the amount of mulch needed per acre, and the number of rolls needed per acre based on commonly used bed spacings and roll length.

Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington (PDF)

Growing Peppers in Home Gardens (PDF)

Injerto de Verduras: Berenjenas y Tomates. Hoja informativa de la Universided Estatal de Washington FS052ES. 4 páginas. Publicado Agosto 2013.

Injertos Hortícolas: Sandía (PDF). Hoja de datos de la Extensión, Universidad Estatal de Washington FS100ES. 7 páginas. Publicado enero 2014.

Internal Dry Scale and Associated Bulb Rots of Onion (PDF)

Lygus bugs on potatoes in the Pacific Northwest (PDF). Josephine Antwi, Silvia I. Rondon, and Rodney Cooper, Oregon State University Extension Service Bulletin EM9173, 2017.

Mechanically laying biodegradable paper and plastic mulch (PDF). Laying biodegradable mulch by machine is not difficult when appropriate steps are taken to reduce the tension of the mulch layer wheels. This factsheet provides an overview of how to accomplish this.  

Non-grafted and Grafted Seedless Watermelon Transplants: Comparative Economic Feasibility Analysis (PDF).  A guide for evaluating the physical and financial requirements and economic feasibility of growing seedless watermelon transplants, both non-grafted and grafted, in a greenhouse, as well as using grafted transplants to produce seedless watermelon in Washington.

Physiological Leaf Roll of Tomato (PDF)

Production of Brassica Seed Crops in Washington State: A Case Study on the Complexities of Coexistence (PDF)

Vegetable Grafting: Eggplant and Tomato (PDF). WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS052E 4 pages. Published October 2011.

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber (PDF). WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS051E 3 pages. Published October 2011.

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon (PDF). WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS100E 7 pages. Published January 2013.

Vegetables: Growing Cucumbers in Home Gardens (PDF)

Vegetables: Growing Green Beans in Home Gardens (PDF)

Vegetables: Growing Squash in Home Gardens (PDF)

Vegetables: Growing Sweet Corn in Home Gardens (PDF)

Western corn rootworm in eastern Oregon, Idaho, and eastern Washington (PDF)

Team Newsletter Articles

2006 Specialty Carrot Cultivar Evaluation – Othello, WA (PDF), Tim Waters, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, April 2007.

Alternatives to Plastic Mulch for Organic Vegetable Production (PDF), Carol Miles, Gail Becker, Kathryn Kolker, Carolyn Adams, Jodee Nickel and Martin Nicholson, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, June 2005.

Growing Vegetables in Areas Where Soils Were Contaminated with Heavy Metals (PDF), Sacha Johnson and Carol Miles, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, March 2009.

Management of Damping-off in Organic Vegetable Crops in the Pacific Northwest (PDF), Ana Vida Alcala and Lindsey du Toit, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, December 2009.

Research Program on Nematodes & Their Economic Importance in Washington State (PDF), Ekaterini Riga, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, December 2003.

Summer Squash: Is Mini-Squash Worth the Effort? (PDF), Karen Strickler, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, May 2009.

The Potential of Marigolds to Control Insect Pests and Plant Parasitic Nematodes (PDF), Ekaterini Riga, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, August 2009.

Unique Vegetables: Climbing Cucurbits (PDF), Sacha Johnson and Carol Miles, Sustaining the Pacific Northwest, May 2009.

University Vegetable Publications

2012 ISCDA Multi-location Sweet Corn Seed Treatment Trial (PDF). The Seed Treatment Committee of the International Sweet Corn Development Association (ISCDA) organizes a seed treatment trial every year. Researchers at locations across the U.S. evaluate the selected set of treatments for their effect on seedling stand and vigor.

2018 Integrated Pest Management Guidelines for Insects and Mites in Idaho, Oregon and Washington Potatoes (PDF), authored by Alan Schreiber, Agriculture Development Group, Inc.; Andrew Jensen, Northwest Potato Research Consortium; Silvia I. Rondon, Oregon State University; Erik J. Wenninger, University of Idaho; Stuart Reitz, Oregon State University.

Corn Smuts (PDF). Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University.

Crop Profiles

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook. Primary reference document for managing agricultural insect pests in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook. Searchable guide with helpful menus and photos.

Pacific Northwest Vegetable Production Guides

Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook. A quick and ready reference of weed control practices used in various cropping systems or site/situations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Plant Population Evaluations of Processing Sweet Corn in the Columbia Basin (PDF). This trial was conducted to provide information about the effects of plant population density on three sweet corn hybrids grown in the Columbia Basin.

Silver Scurf Management in Potatoes (PDF), Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University.

Strip-Tillage for Onions and Sweet Corn - Lorin Grigg, Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among farmers in the Pacific Northwest, by Georgine Yorgey, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University and Andrew McGuire, Irrigated Cropping Systems Agronomist, Washington State University Extension (PNW702). View on-line or download free PDF.

Vegetable Crop Advisory Team Alert. Michigan State University’s IPM vegetable newsletter.

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