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WSU Vegetable Pathology Team Newsletters

August 2006 Regional Resources for PNW Vegetable Growers
June 2006 Two Nematode Pests of Recent Interest in the PNW
August 2005 (PDF) Nematodes in Vegetable Crops in Washington
June 2005 California Fresh Carrot Advisory Board expresses concern over Carrot virus Y (CarVY), a new disease in Australia
August/September 2004 Iris Yellow Spot Virus increasing in prevalence in onion bulb & seed crops in the Columbia Basin
Vegetable cultivar trials
June/July 2004 Washington State University to participate in the new National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)
August 2003 Foliar diseases on some leafy vegetables in NW Washington
July 2003 Carrot seed disease management
June 2003 Iris yellow spot of onions in the PNW
New information on vegetable diseases published during 2002-03
May 2003 New information on vegetables from Vegetable Pathology Team members
May 2002 Treating seed for disease control
Common seedborne diseases on vegetables
June 2002 Biological products registered for controlling diseases on vegetables in Washington
July 2002 Focus on onions
August 2002 Focus on carrots
May 2001 Is the Legend tomato resistant to late blight?
Cucurbit viruses
June 2001 Diagnosing vegetable diseases
Is this mildew, downy or powdery?
July 2001 Visit the Skagit Vegetable Trials
Is this rust or white rust?
August 2001 Digital diagnosis of plant diseases
Post-harvest diseases of vegetables


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