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NWREC Field Day & NARF Advisory Meetings

WSU Mount Vernon NWREC Field Day
& Northwest Agricultural Research Foundation (NARF) Advisory Meetings

Thursday, 9 July 2009, 2–8 pm
Schedule of Events


2-3 pm Advisory meetings for tree fruits & alternative crops Auditorium West Carol Miles, (360) 848-6150,
2-4 pm Western WA Small Seed Advisory Committee meeting Auditorium East Don McMoran, (360) 428-4270,
3-4 pm NARF advisory meetings for wine grapes Auditorium West Carol Miles, (360) 848-6150,
4-6 pm FIELD TOUR of trials on vegetables, seed crops, potato, pea, cucumber, small fruits, small grains, tree fruits, alternative crops, wine, cider cultivar evaluation & harvest, & organic cropping research Start at Treehouse Tim Miller, (360) 848-6138,
6-7 pm PICNIC DINNER Treehouse
7-8 pm NARF advisory meeting for small fruits Treehouse Tom Walters, (360) 848-6124,
NARF advisory meeting for peas & cucumbers Auditorium West Debra Inglis & Tim Miller,360) 848-6134/38,,
Potato research discussion group Auditorium East Don McMoran & Debra Inglis
(360) 428-4270 & 848-6134,,
NARF advisory meeting for organic research Conference Room Carol Miles, (360) 848-6150,


Research advisory meetings: The sessions are informal. The objective is to initiate/continue collaborations, share information, discuss ideas on agricultural research priorities, ensure appropriate research approaches and techniques are used, and brainstorm on funding. Please contact the appropriate facilitator if you have ideas to share in advance for specific advisory meetings.

For further information on the Field Day & advisory meetings, contact:
Ashley Bentley at or 360-848-6153