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Entomology Staff

Entomology program staff pose with the NWREC sign.

Dr. Lynell Tanigoshi

Professor Emeritus
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Research Emphasis

Research interests include insect and spider mite pest management in small fruits, nurseries, greenhouses, potato and the classical biological control of the exotic cherry bark tortrix. Emphasis will be placed on integrated pest management and applied biological control research technologies to economically control arthropod pests of the above mentioned agricultural commodities through selective pesticides, augmentative releases and conservation of predatory mites and parasitic wasps when deemed appropriate.

Dr. Beverly S. Gerdeman

Assistant Research Professor (retired December 2020)
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Research Emphasis

Current research interests include development of a predatory mite mass production facility in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. Emphasis is on the use of native species of predatory mites. Development of training materials suitable for use in rural extension in the Philippines and production of a rearing manual for use in developing countries. Small fruit IPM of insects and arthropods attacking strawberry, red raspberry, blueberry and research into controlling potato flea beetle damaging thin-skinned potatoes in western Washington. Management techniques include use of selective chemistries and biological control such as releases of predatory mites and augmentation of beneficials when appropriate. Development of high tunnel IPM techniques in the Pacific Northwest for strawberry/lettuce rotations. Control of the exotic cherry bark tortrix, utilizing classical biological control and augmentative releases of parasitoids.

Dr. Hollis Spitler

Agricultural Technician 1 (retired December 2020)
Dr. Spitler contributed the section on “Insecticides” for the 2011 World Book Encyclopedia.

Entomology program staff gather around a charcoal grill during a summer BBQ.