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Organic Agriculture Systems Major

Undergraduate Classes

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Undergraduate Students

Organic Agriculture Systems Major

The College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) has available a new Organic Agriculture Systems (OAS) major. This major is one of five in the new Agriculture and Food Systems (AFS) degree program. Key points of all the AFS majors (including organic agriculture) are to develop students’ ability to work with systems, that is, across disciplines. Besides introductory and advanced classes specifically in organic agriculture, OAS majors will take several courses in general agriculture, systems, and a discipline of their choice. For more information about the new WSU Ag Degree and the Organic Major see our WSU press release. For more information about courses, see Undergraduate Classes below or see the web page, Major in Organic Agriculture Systems Curriculum. For more information about the new Organic Agriculture Systems major, contact the AFS program at


Undergraduate Certificate Options

Two certificate options in organic and sustainable agriculture are available for undergraduate students in any discipline. The Certificate in Organic Agriculture can be obtained on the Pullman campus and also entirely through online learning. The Academic Certificate in Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching is part of the Cultivating SuccessTM Program and is available through the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.


Undergraduate Classes

Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Classes at WSU and UI

Both Washington State University and the University of Idaho have organic and sustainable course offerings that fulfill General Education Requirements (GERs). Additionally, there are numerous classes in Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticulture, Entomology, IPM, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Community and Rural Sociology that are relevant to organic and sustainable agriculture and/or include specific organic/sustainable sections (see department class descriptions for more information). Both universities have also recently established certified organic teaching farms on the main campuses (Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID), with additional certified organic land available to support teaching activities at other university facilities, including the Puyallup, Mt. Vernon and Vancouver Research and Education Centers.

Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Classes

All of the following classes are taught at the main campuses in Pullman/Moscow, with additional offerings at other locations and/or through distance education. To check on upcoming offerings at WSU, look at the Schedule of Classes.

DDP Indicates the class is also offered online through WSU’s Distance Degree Programs (DDP)
CS Indicates the class is part of the Cultivating SuccessTM educational program; for more information on these classes, see the CS web site.
** Indicates the class is also offered at several additional sites in WA and ID, typically through Extension offices. For more information and locations see:


Organic Gardening and Farming Soils 101/AFS 105, Pullman campus, CS, DDP

  • An introduction to the principles and production practices of organic gardening and farming. Team-taught, spring semester each year.

Science, Society and Sustainable Food Systems Soils 150 @ WSU, Ag 150 @ UI, CS

  • Freshman-level class that provides a multifaceted approach to learning about sustainable food systems, including the production, environmental, and socioeconomic issues. This hands-on class includes field trips, discussion, greenhouse and other experiments, as well as lectures and guest speakers.
  • fulfills [Q] GER (science for non-science majors) at WSU; also offered for continuing education units (CEUs)

Agriculture, Environment, and Community CRS 336, Pullman campus

  • A new class that examines interdependencies between farming/ranching, the natural environment and human communities including perspectives on sustainable agriculture.
  • fulfills [S] GER (social sciences) at WSU

Sustainable Agriculture Soils 345 @ WSU and UI, Pullman/Moscow campus, CS

  • Environmental issues in sustainable agriculture and food production; pesticides, fertilizers, organic wastes, biotechnology, quality of life, and risk-benefit assessment.
  • Not offered recently due to budget issues; inquire for current information.

World Agricultural Systems Crops/Soils 360 (WSU)/PlSc 360 (UI), Pullman campus, DDP

  • Study of agro-environmental characteristics of world agriculture, with an emphasis on the historical and contemporary features of world food production.
  • Fulfills [I] GER (intercultural studies) at WSU

Sustainable Small Farming and Ranching AFS/CRS 416, now listed as Soils 404 (WSU),Ag 416 (UI), CS, **

  • Introduction to small production systems, evaluation of personal and family goals, land evaluation, business planning, marketing options, regulations, and community resources. Also available for CEUs.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship – Tilling the Soil of Opportunity AFS/CRS 417, now listed as Soils 403 (WSU), Ag 417 (UI), CS, **

  • A business planning course designed for students who are interested in starting an agricultural enterprise or otherwise gaining knowledge of the process, including goal setting, resource analysis, regulations, financial calculations. Students should leave the class with a usable business plan. Also available for CEUs.

Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems AFS/CRS 445, now listed as Soils 445 (WSU), Ag 445 (UI), CS, **

  • Experiential course visiting farms, food processing and marketing facilities to develop understanding of issues and relationships of sustainable food systems. Offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Required week-long immersion experience, with follow-up work online. Also available for CEUs.

Practicum in Organic Agriculture Soils 480

  • A relatively new summer course, offering students an experiential learning opportunity in practical organic agriculture and horticultural skills and concepts. Focus is on hands-on training, with lectures and instructional materials covering market development, the science behind practices and certification, and provides a detailed introduction to social and environmental issues in agriculture.
  • Intensive Summer Course on certified organic land at WSU-Pullman; Also available for CEUs.

Special Topics classes (e.g., Issues in Organic Agriculture)

  • Faculty in a variety of departments offer classes focused on a special topic. They are usually announced at the beginning of the semester, or the semester before. Enquire with each Department to see current offerings.

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