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Certificate in Organic Agriculture

The College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Sciences (CAHNRS) is offering an undergraduate Certificate in Organic Agriculture. Working professionals, other non-degree-seeking students, as well as current students in other majors at WSU will be able to learn the fundamentals in a highly focused program through online and classroom venues. This is an interdisciplinary certificate that makes use of coursework from several departments in the college. The certificate can be obtained on the Pullman campus or online through WSU Distance Degree Programs. WSU is the first in the nation to offer an online certificate in Organic Agriculture. The online courses are available to students at WSU’s regional campuses, Distance Degree Programs, and Learning Centers, as well as to anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Holders of the Certificate in Organic Agriculture will be well prepared to work on or develop their own farm, and will be qualified for employment opportunities with non-profit organizations and government agencies involved in environmental and food safety, as well as private sector food processing, marketing, organic certification, and product development industries.


Core (both courses are required; 6 credits):

  • SoilS 101/AFS 105 Organic Gardening and Farming, 3 cr.
  • AFS/CRS 416 (now listed as Soils 404), Sustainable Small Farming and Ranching 3 cr.

Experiential Learning (3 credits minimum):

  • SoilS 480 Practicum in Organic Agriculture, must be taken on-campus
  • Professional Internship (Crops 498, EconS 497, Hort 399, Soils 498, or similar) for off-campusstudents

Food, Farming, and Ecosystems (choose 9 credits minimum):

  • **AFS 445 (now listed as Soils 445), Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems, 3 cr.
  • AFS/CRS 417 (now listed as Soils 403), Agricultural Entrepreneurship 3 cr.
  • *EconS 101 [S], Fundamentals of Microeconomics 3 cr.
  • *EconS 102 [S], Fundamentals of Macroeconomics, 3 cr.
  • CropS/Hort 102, Crop Growth and Development 4
  • *CropS/SoilS 360 [I], World Agricultural Systems, 3 cr.
  • CRS 336 [S], Agriculture, Environment and Community 3
  • CRS 435, Resolving Environmental Conflicts, 4 cr.
  • *FSHN 130 [B], Nutrition for Living, 3 cr.
  • FSHN 220, Food Safety and Quality 3 cr.
  • NATRS 300 [B], Natural Resource Ecology, 3 cr.
  • *SoilS 301 [M], Ecological Soil Management, 3 cr.
  • *SoilS 441, Soil Fertility, 3cr.
  • SoilS 490, Composting, 2 cr.

* classes available online
** this class is available online but has a required week-long field component

Total Minimum Credits: 18

How to Enroll in Organic Agriculture Certificate Courses

WSU Students

WSU students at any campus and in any major can obtain the Certificate in Organic Agriculture, providing that they meet the prerequisites and requirements of the courses. Regional campus students and Distance Degree Programs students can take online courses and Pullman campus students can take classroom or online courses. For more information about the certificate please contact the AFS program

Non-Degree Seeking Students

All participants in the Organic Agriculture Certificate must be admitted to WSU, and may apply as a non-degree seeking student. There is a $25 application fee.

Non-degree seeking students interested in pursuing the certificate on the Pullman campus:

Please visit for more information and to apply to WSU. For more information about the certificate please contact the AFS program at

Non-degree seeking students interested in pursuing the certificate online:

Please visit for more information and to apply.