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Research Associate/Project Manager (term, renewable)

Posted by Andrew Mack | October 13, 2022
The Research Associate/Project Manager will assist the project director and co-project director, Drs. Lisa DeVetter and Markus Flury, respectively, with management of a 4-year long project funded through the USDA NIFA SCRI program. The focus of the project is improving end-of-life outcomes of plastic mulch film in diverse strawberry systems through exploration of new mulch and recycling technologies and understanding their impacts on economic strawberry production, soil and environmental health, and sociocultural outcomes. The project team includes 23 people (plus graduate students and postdoctoral researchers) from 10 institutions from states including Washington, California, Florida, Tennessee, and Nebraska.

The Project Manager will assist in activities including providing support with managing project logistics, reporting, communication, outreach, organization, and budget oversight. Additionally, the Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating monthly meetings with the PD and co-PIs, quarterly for the entire project team, and annually for the whole team and Advisory Board. Other duties include: providing data management assistance in accordance with the USDA NIFA requirements for project team members; compiling and drafting annual progress reports to USDA NIFA and the Advisory Board (with assistance from an Advisory Board lead); serving as scientific and administrative liaison for the Advisory Board; monitoring project expenditures and cost-share budgets; communicating with the Evaluation Specialist; and working with the Communication Specialist on development of outreach deliverables (e.g., webinars, website updates, etc.) in collaboration with the Outreach Team. Remote work is optional.

Administrative Organization and Logistics (30%); Reporting and Communication (30%); Budget Management (30%);Troubleshooting, Liaising and Mediating (5%); Other (5%)

Required Qualifications

  • An MS degree in a relevant field of study or equivalent related experiences performing professional-level work. Any combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted for the educational requirement on a year-for-year basis.
  • Needs to have scientific and project management skills.
  • An understanding of research protocols and the scientific method is required.
  • Demonstrated excellence in organization, project management, and communication is also required.
  • Needs to have attention to detail and be able to multi-task.
  • Experience in federal grant reporting.
  • Be committed to the core values of excellence, diversity, research integrity, global involvement, and accountability.
  • Have knowledge of relevant software for effective project management.
  • Have experience in developing and tracking budgets.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with procurement and management of extramural funding.
  • Agricultural research experience.
  • Extension and outreach experience.
  • Organization, management, basic accounting, strong written and verbal communication skills, and understanding of scientific and agricultural research.
  • Experience working with a diversity of people.
  • Experience in motivating effective team work that are aligned with project objectives.
  • Postdoctoral experience.

To apply

Interested applicants should apply by 11:59PM on November 9, 2022. Review and apply at: