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Lab Technician

Posted by Andrew Mack | June 4, 2021

The Berry and Potato Pathology program at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC is hiring a lab technician to assist with an applied research program. The position is available either on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the skill set and career goals of the applicant. The successful applicant will assist with the design, set-up, maintenance, and completion of a diversity of lab, greenhouse, and field research/extension trials at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC.

Temporary full-time qualifications: A BS degree in biological, agricultural, plant pathology, or experimental sciences. Molecular biology skills.

Permanent full-time qualifications: A BS/MS degree in plant pathology, biological, agricultural, or experimental sciences. Strong molecular biology skills.

For more information and to apply: Chakradhar Mattupalli,, 360-848-6138