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Western SARE Graduate Student Proposal Award

Posted by CAHNRS.Web Team | September 26, 2016
Shannon Carmody stands in a field of turnip seed.
Shannon standing in a turnip seed crop in the Willamette Valley of Oregon that was infected with black leg, light leaf spot, and white leaf spot.

Congratulations to Shannon Carmody, MS student in Dr. Lindsey du Toit’s vegetable seed pathology program, on applying successfully for a Western SARE Graduate Student Proposal Award. Her proposal was titled “Seed Transmission and Management of White Leaf Spot and Light Leaf Spot Pathogens in Brassicas in the Pacific Northwest”. The funding ($15,675) will help cover expenses for her thesis project. Shannon’s thesis committee includes Dr. Lindsey du Toit (chair), Dr. Lori Carris (WSU), Dr. Tim Paulitz (USDA ARS), and Dr. Cindy Ocamb (Oregon State University). Auskarai, dėžutės, pakabukai, vyriškos ir moteriškos grandinėlės, apyrankės ir sidabriniai žiedai su akmenimis