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Berry and Potato Pathology

Dr. Chakradhar Mattupalli

Chakradhar Mattupalli
Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 360-848-6138
Fax: 360-848-6159

Dr. Chakradhar Mattupalli leads the Berry-Potato Pathology (BPP) program at the Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon, Washington. The focus of the BPP program is to develop novel approaches for management of diseases of blueberries and potatoes, as well as other small fruits produced in Northwestern Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Published Works (in past five years)


  1. Cucak, M., Harteveld, D.O.C., Wasko DeVetter, L., Peever, T.L., Moral, R.d.A., Mattupalli, C. 2022. Development of a decision support system for the management of mummy berry disease in Northwestern Washington. Plants 11:2043.
  2. Mattupalli, C., Shiller, J. B., Proano, F., Watkins, T., Hansen, K., Garzon, C. A., Marek, S. M., and Young, C. A. 2022. Genetic diversity of Phymatotrichopsis omnivora based on mating type and microsatellite markers reveal heterothallic mating system. Plant Disease
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  6. Mattupalli, C., Moffet, C. A., Shah, K. N., and Young, C. A. 2018. Supervised classification of RGB aerial imagery to evaluate the impact of a root rot disease. Remote Sensing.10:917.
  7. Young, C. A., Bock, C.H., Charlton, N.D., Mattupalli, C., Krom, N., Bowen, J. K.,Templeton, M., Plummer, K. M., and Wood, B. W. 2018. Evidence for sexual reproduction: identification, frequency, and spatial distribution of Venturia effusa (pecan scab) mating type idiomorphs. Phytopathology. 108:837-846.

Trade Publications

  1. Mattupalli, C. Charkowski, A. O., Ingram, J. T., and Filiatrault, M. J. 2022. Rethinking seed potato certification: Moving toward a grower-focused system. Spudman 60(1):25-28.
  2.  Mattupalli, C., Charkowski, A. O., Ingram, J. T., Filiatrault, M., Sklarczyk, D., Ebe, G. D. 2022. COVID-19 tech provides lessons for seed potato certification improvements. Spudman 60(3):14-19.

Team Members

Babette Gundersen
Agricultural Research Technologist III

Babette works as a scientific assistant at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC. Winner of the WSU President’s Employee Excellent Award in 2002, she is actively involved in field, greenhouse, and laboratory research projects on a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Dayna Loeffler
Agricultural Research Technologist II

Dayna works as an Agricultural Research Technologist II in the Berry and Potato Pathology program. She combines her molecular biology and farming experience to conduct research and day-to-day operations of the program.

Current Students

Roshani Baral – M.S. student
Research Focus: Botrytis management in blueberries
Start Date: Spring 2022

Roshani hails from the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. She received her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science. Her interest in plant pathology developed while working with local farmers in Nepal. After graduation, she undertook a small-scale seasonal marigold farming venture, where she faced issues with plant pests and pathogens that led her to choose disease management as the focus of her graduate studies.

Purnima Puri – M.S. student
Research Focus: Biology and management of silver scurf disease of potato.
Start Date: Summer 2022

Purnima completed B.Sc. in Agriculture from The Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal. She also worked as an agriculture intern under the Government of Nepal and Nepal Agriculture Research Council during her undergraduate program. After graduation, she worked as the Outreach and Capacity Building Officer at DV Excellus Private Limited in Nepal, providing technical support to farmers.

Former Students

Alec Blume – M.S. in Agriculture (Summer 2022)
Project title: Impact of soil fumigants on potato microbial communities
Employment: A private horticultural company in Burlington, WA


The BPP program is currently providing weekly mummy berry updates to blueberry growers in western Washington. These weekly updates provide information on the timing of apothecia development from mummified overwintering berries so growers can time disease management practices accordingly.

Mummy Berry Updates

  1. Mummy Berry Update – Feb week 3
  2. Mummy Berry Update – Feb week 4
  3. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 1
  4. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 2
  5. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 3
  6. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 4
  7. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 1
  8. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 2
  9. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 3
  10. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 4
  1. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 3
  2. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 2
  3. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 1
  4. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 4
  5. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 3

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Chakradhar Mattupalli
Office Phone: 360-848-6138
Fax: 360-848-6159