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Berry and Potato Pathology

Dr. Chakradhar Mattupalli

Chakradhar Mattupalli
Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 360-848-6138
Fax: 360-848-6159

About the PI

Dr. Chakradhar Mattupalli leads the Berry-Potato Pathology (BPP) program at the Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon, Washington. The focus of the BPP program is to develop novel approaches for management of diseases of blueberries and potatoes, as well as other small fruits produced in Northwestern Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Awards and Honors

  • American Phytopathological Society (APS)-Southern Division Student/Post-Doc Travel Award (2017)
  • Schroth Faces of the Future-Early Career Professional Symposium Speaker (2016)
  • APS Foundation John S. Niederhauser Student Travel Award (2012)
  • Albert J. and Adelaide E. Riker Plant Pathology Graduate Award (2012)
  • APS Foundation Don E. Mathre Student Travel Award (2010)
  • William T. Dible – Terra International Inc. Scholarship (2010)
  • APS-North Central Division Student Travel Award (2009)
  • Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Birth Centenary Gold Medal (2004)
  • Barrister Sheshrao Wankhede Gold Medal (2004)
  • Neelamraju Gangaprasad Rao and Kamala Gold Medal (2002)

Published Works (in past five years)


  1. Mattupalli, C., Shiller, J. B., Kankanala, P., Krom, N., Marek, S. M., Mysore, K. S., and Young, C. A. 2021. The first genomic resources for Phymatotrichopsis omnivora, a soil-borne pezizomycete pathogen with a broad host range.  Phytopathology.
  2. Trivedi, P., Mattupalli, C., Eversole, K., and Leach, J. E. 2021. Enabling sustainable agriculture through microbiome understanding and enhancement. New Phytologist. doi:10.1111/nph.17319.
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  4. Mattupalli, C., Moffet, C. A., Shah, K. N., and Young, C. A. 2018. Supervised classification of RGB aerial imagery to evaluate the impact of a root rot disease. Remote Sensing.10:917.
  5. Young, C. A., Bock, C.H., Charlton, N.D., Mattupalli, C., Krom, N., Bowen, J. K.,Templeton, M., Plummer, K. M., and Wood, B. W. 2018. Evidence for sexual reproduction: identification, frequency, and spatial distribution of Venturia effusa (pecan scab) mating type idiomorphs. Phytopathology. 108:837-846.
  6. Mattupalli, C., Komp, M. R., and Young, C. A. 2017. Integrating geospatial technologies and unmanned aerial systems in growers’ disease management toolbox. APS Features. doi:10.1094/APSFeature-2017-7.

Magazine/Trade Publications

  1. Mattupalli, C., Moffet, C. A., Rogers, J. K., and Young, C. A. 2016. Drones used to monitor alfalfa root rot disease. Hay and Forage Grower. February issue p.22.


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Technical Reports

  1. Mattupalli, C., and Charkowski, A. O. 2019. Minituber production in greenhouses – Management of diseases, insects, and physiological disorders. CSU Extension. Fact sheet No. 0.310.

Current Students

Alec Blume – M.S. in Ag student
Research Focus: Effects of soil fumigation on hemipteran pests of potato.
Start Date: Summer 2020

Immediately after completing my bachelor’s degree in 2019, I began working at a biological control distributor. Here, I developed an interest in crop protection from arthropod pests and diseases. In developing biological control programs, the importance of integrating other methods that slow the population growth of pests became clear. This sparked my interest in the interactions between pests, their host plants, natural enemies, and the environment. My goal with the plant health master’s program is to be able to approach plant health-related problems with a broader and deeper understanding of the whole system.


The BPP program is currently providing weekly mummy berry updates to blueberry growers in western Washington. These weekly updates provide information on the timing of apothecia development from mummified overwintering berries so growers can time disease management practices accordingly.

Mummy Berry Updates

  1. Mummy Berry Update – Feb week 3
  2. Mummy Berry Update – Feb week 4
  3. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 1
  4. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 2
  5. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 3
  6. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 4
  7. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 1
  8. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 2
  9. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 3
  10. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 4
  1. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 3
  2. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 2
  3. Mummy Berry Update – Apr week 1
  4. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 4
  5. Mummy Berry Update – Mar week 3