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Graduate Students

At present, seventeen MS and PhD students are conducting agricultural research and completing coursework at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC. They represent four academic departments within WSU’s College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences: Crop and Soil Sciences, Entomology, Horticulture and Plant Pathology. WSU Mount Vernon faculty also advise MS in Agriculture students.

The research facilities at WSU Mount Vernon NWREC include a nearly 20,000 square foot building built in 2006 with office space and up to date laboratory facilities. In addition, there are approximately 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Field research is conducted on 80+ acres of research fields, including vineyard, blueberry and raspberry. There are 5 acres certified organic, and 7 acres in transition to organic. An additional 8 acres is maintained by volunteer groups and includes public gardens and an orchard of heritage apple varieties. Applied field research is also conducted at many on-farm locations in Northwestern Washington.

Videoconference technology has allowed all departmental seminars and meetings to be attended in Mount Vernon. Some graduate level courses originating from the main WSU Pullman campus are offered at WSU Mount Vernon in addition to distance degree program curriculum. In addition, graduate level courses are beginning to be offered at WSU Mount Vernon by resident faculty.

The graduate students of WSU Mount Vernon NWREC have launched a two-part alternating event series. On even years the students hold a Harvest Seminar featuring presentations by respected scholars and innovators. On odd years the students hold an Agriculture and NW Ecosystems Symposium featuring presentations by graduate students from WSU Mount Vernon NWREC and other universities across western Washington.

Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student & Faculty Housing

Olson Heritage Farmhouse

The Olson Heritage Farm House provides housing for WSU graduate students and visiting scientists. Current rates are $15 per night for WSU students, and $25 per night for WSU staff and faculty. Room reservations can be made via e-mail to with at least 3-days advance notice.

Olson Heritage Farmhouse Information