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It is strongly recommended that all users read the Facility Use Policy

Facility Use Policy

Cost Estimate Worksheet

Service Center information

Basic list of foods that can be served without a Skagit County Health Department Permit

  • example: ‘Garden Gurus – meeting’
  • example: ‘Puget Sound Beach Watchers’
  • Business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. Closed holidays.

    If access to the building is desired outside business hours, charges for security will apply.

  • (see facility use policy for descriptions)

    Thank you for reserving the Sakuma Auditorium for your upcoming event. WSU Mount Vernon is a green facility, please use compostable tableware if you are serving food, compostable tableware is available at an additional charge. We also provide at no charge a water dispenser or pitchers, please do not bring bottled water.

    Fees for permits are the responsibility of the user.If ANY food or beverages are to be served in the main building, the kitchen MUST be reserved.

  • Contact the Skagit County Public Health Department at 360-336-9380 to discuss approval for your food service.

  • Only the Sakuma Auditorium is available for reconfiguration. No fees for any ‘Standard’ configuration

     Standard for Full Auditorium            Standard for East                         Standard for West

    Alternate configurations: (fees will be charged to change to any of the following configurations)

                  Boardroom                                   General Seating                                  Classroom 

  • If anything other than a Standard setup, or N\A is chosen, fees apply.
  • Fees will be charged if meeting attendees are charged.
  • (projector, microphone, wireless access,wall screen)
    Describe in Additional Details below.
  • All conference calls must be arranged by the user.
  • Plan ahead: bring office supplies and copies of documents.

    WSU Mount Vernon cannot supply these.

    If supplies, copies, or other clerical assistance is requested, a $10 minimum administrative fee will be charged.

  • (please detail all needs, AV, computer connection assistance, etc. If the event needs assistance from the center staff and it is not requested here, staff or equipment may not be available during the event)
  • (person responsible for reservation/event) have read and agree to the terms of use on this page and in the Facility Use Policy.